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Live Insight Session: Media Buying in the Metaverse

17 December 2021
12pm, 27 January 2022, 45mins. Live session and advice on media buying in the Metaverse, what is happening and how brands are exploring this new space. Book Now.
The announcement by Facebook - with its circa 3bn subscribers - to become a Metaverse company within five years has accelerated the interest and speed in which brands are moving into this exciting new space. 

In this Insight Session, Media Director Rupert Bean explores how brands are already exploiting this new frontier and what you need to know and think about for brand success in this new world.  

The session will also look at the interface between the media buying in the physical and online environments and how 'in world' media buying and advertising in gaming will inform media buying in the Metaverse.
Image credit: Unit 2 Games Limited