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Choir of the Year is the competition UK choirs aspire to win.

The contest has involved more than 150,000 singers and has touched schools, familiesand communities all over the UK. In 2008 the total circulation of national and regionalpress coverage secured by Kallaways public relations campaign was 10,203,676 piecesand included the BBC, The Times and The Guardian.Choir of the Years appeal across generations, its wide national reach and opento all attitude ensures the widest possible exposure.

Kallaway created Choir of the Year in 1983 for Sainsbury's and it quickly became a major event in the live-music calendar, broadcast to millions on prime time BBC television from the Royal Albert Hall. The competition enabled Sainsburys to connect with its customers, its growing network of stores and staff.

After a highly successful 16-year relationship with Sainsbury's, BBC Radio 3 tookup sponsorship of the event, valuing its core values of excellence and its reach into homes across the country.

Kallaway manages all aspects of the sponsorship including competition and event management and public relations. The most recent competition culminated in a spectacular showdown at the Royal Festival Hall with a live audience of 2,500 and broadcast on BBC FOUR and BBC Radio 3.

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In rare cases, the relationship between business and the arts is faithful & astonishinglyfruitful, Choir of the Year is one of those rarities.

Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

An unparalleled showcase for amateur music-making, encouraging the best UK singingtalent to compete in a richly diverse and rigorous competition.

Howard Goodall

Competition development, print and entry pack production, entry and judging coordination,full event management including technical and floor management and risk assessmentall fall within Kallaway's remit making this one of the most successful competitionsof its kind.

Edward Blakeman,
Editor, BBC Radio 3



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